Quality of Life - the Primary Component in Senior Health Care

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This site is specifically designed to meet the "drug therapy management" needs of senior citizens.

I have spent my entire professional career providing expert evaluations and recommendations to patients and health care professionals about appropriate drug use in older adults. Health professionals generally have very little training in dealing with older people, especially in view of the fact that these patients' own body chemistry becomes less efficient as they age.

These factors, a reduction in renal function, a reduction in liver function, combinations of health problems and less muscle mass, mean that providing the appropriate combination of chemistries is a vitally important part of your quality of life.

Many of today's potent medications cause "drug induced dementia", as well as a multitude of other cognitive problems. Other problems are frequently expressed as "not feeling good, tired all the time, out of breath, can't sleep." These are not characteristics of getting old; they are often drug induced.

I have had the pleasure of helping thousands of seniors all over the United States to enjoy their later years with an improved quality of life Many of the technologies, protocols, policies and procedures as well as federal regulations used today are a result of research and development I have done over the past 44 years.We look forward to assisting you on your road to better health.

Geriatric Nutrition

Without good nutrition, positive drug therapy outcomes are very difficult to obtain, For the best in Geriatric Nutritional Information

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Continuing Education

Each month we will post an analysis of specific aspects of government long-term healthcare regulations.

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