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NEWS from the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists

Armon B. Neel, Jr. Receives Senior Care Pharmacist Award

Award Named to Honor A Pioneer in the Field

(Orlando, Florida-May 7, 2009) Armon B. Neel, Jr., received the 2009 Armon Neel Senior Care Pharmacist Award from the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists in (ASCP) Orlando, Florida. President Judith Beizer presented the award at the Opening General Session, Wednesday, May 7, during the 2009 ASCP Midyear Conference and Exhibition taking place May 7-9.

Armon B. Neel, Jr. so personifies the Senior Care Pharmacist that the ASCP Board of Directors has named this award after him - the Armon Neel Senior Care Pharmacist Award. This Award recognizes individuals who apply their knowledge of geriatric pharmacotherapy on a daily basis through the practice of senior care pharmacy to significantly improve the quality of life and quality of care for the senior population.

Upon graduation from the University of Georgia School of Pharmacy, Neel began preparing for a career in pharmacy innovation. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Rio Grande College of Pharmacy, and continued his education through internships at Athens General Hospital, Griffin Spalding County Hospital, and a residency in institutional pharmacy at Brook Army Medical Center. Neel was one of the first to earn the Certified Geriatric Pharmacist credential.

A fifth generation pharmacist, Neel entered his father's family pharmacy operation in Griffin, Georgia. He opened Neel's Apothecary there, and three years later, he converted the Apothecary into Georgia's first Pharmaceutical Center, a practice devoted to providing pharmacy services exclusively.

In the mid-60s when he began providing clinical services, it was against the law for pharmacists to discuss medications with their patients. Even though he was reported to the pharmacy board multiple times, he persisted, maintaining his commitment to the idea that pharmacists must serve and protect the people who take the medications they dispense.

Neel was the first pharmacist in Georgia to maintain profiles for his patients. His innovations in pharmacy services in long-term care are numerous and continue to set the standard for accepted procedures and protocols today.

He founded Institutional Pharmacy Consultants (IPC) in 1977, a pharmacy practice providing consultant services in pharmacy, computer services, medical management, system designs, nutritional support, pharmacokinetics, and quality assurance.

IPC merged with Restore Health Group in 2000. making it possible to provide pharmacy services throughout the Southeast. After serving as Vice President, Clinical Services for Restore. Neel decided to get more involved in clinical drug therapy management and developed MedicationXpert.com, an Internet site where seniors may access the services of senior care pharmacists.

Neel served on the ASCP Board of Directors from 1993-1997, and on numerous ASCP committees as member and chair. His honors and awards are many, including the Archambault and Berman Awards, Innovative Practice Award from the National Council of State Pharmaceutical Executives, Bowl of Hygeia Award, and the Phi Delta Chi Pharmacist of the Year Award. He is a past president of the Georgia Pharmacists Association. Neel has been featured in the AARP Bulletin and most recently, in Prevention magazine.

The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, the recognized expert in geriatric pharmacotherapy, is the international professional society devoted to optimal medication management and improved health outcomes for all older persons. ASCP's 7.000 members serve individuals residing in a variety of environments, including nursing facilities, subacute care and assisted living facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and hospice programs, as well as in-home and community-based care. Visit ASCP's Web site at httn://www.ascp.com.

For more information contact: Linda M. Williams
Director, Communications & Marketing
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
703-739-1316, ext. 115

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