Quality of Life - the Primary Component in Senior Health Care

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Fee for Services

Hourly rate: $175.00

Or, for comprehensive workup with full written report: $490.00

You may expect:

1. Evaluation and analysis of your submitted information along with an extensive interview, either in person or by phone
2. Generation of an original report with two copies
3. In person discussion of the report to make sure you understand everything and to develop a log system to report progress
4. I will discuss the report with your physician, upon request
5. We will monitor information gathered on the weekly log to make any medication or life style adjustments necessary over the next 90 days
6. Follow-up visit in 90 days to finalize the outcome report

Retainer fee: $350.00 annual, optional

The retainer makes me available 24/7 to address phone or e-mail questions.
Some examples of how to use this may be:

1. Any time you receive a new prescription, call before getting it filled. Sometimes I may advise an alternative.
2. Any time you have changes in your blood pressure or pulse
3. Any time you develop symptoms or discomfort that are unusual

I want to monitor you and any health changes in an effort to avoid having to start all over.

Geriatric Nutrition

Without good nutrition, positive drug therapy outcomes are very difficult to obtain, For the best in Geriatric Nutritional Information

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Continuing Education

Each month we will post an analysis of specific aspects of government long-term healthcare regulations.

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