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November 28th, 2012

Sometimes there are things more important than MONEY….

This review is from: Are Your Prescriptions Killing You?: How to Prevent Dangerous Interactions, Avoid Deadly Side Effects, and Be Healthier with Fewer Drugs (Hardcover)

I read about this book in the NY Times and was concerned about my mother who had been taking several medications which over time had turned her into a person I did not recognize. The main culprit was Amiodorone and it was a drug that was #1 on Armon Neel's list of dangerous drugs for seniors. My mother already has a mild case of COPD and was put on this strong, severe and dangerous medication for a minor heart episode, although Mr. Neel says that it should only be used under dire circumstances and under strict supervision, neither of which described my mother. Not only was it making her COPD worse, as Mr. Need states so emphatically, it was also making her dizzy, unsure of herself, depressed and in a type of a daze. This book gave her the confidence to stop taking it and seek a new doctor. Just 3 months after discontinuing its use (along with stopping a few other drugs she apparently did not need), she is really on the road back to being herself and so much better, it's amazing. The overmedication is seniors is a crime and this is a life saving and enlightening book.

My and Bill Hogan's purpose in writing this book was to get the message out to the older Americans that although drugs are great for saving lives they can also kill if used in an inappropriate manner. So many of the drugs that are prescribed to our older adults are totally inappropriate and cause much distress and early death. Our book explains this in great detail and should be a must read with all older adults and their adult children. It saves lives and I am so thankful that it does.

By the way, you can order one from the front page of this site and you need to do it today. It makes a great Christmas gift.

Well I just thought I would share this victory with you.

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