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March 20th, 2015


Yes I am in full swing and anxiour to help any patient anywhere in establishing a workable drug therapy management program that will extend and improve your quality of  life.  The past year, 2014, was surely the most difficult, horrible, year of my life.  My wife June suffered from multiple TIAs in a addition to non-hogskins Lympyoma.  The chemotherapy exacerbated the problems with the TIAs which pushed her into multiple infarct dementia.  This destroyed her and for the past four years she has been bedfast.  She cried every time the mention of going to a nursing home as well as I.  I told her not to worry that I had made a promise to GOD on our weding day 52 years ago that I would take care of her in sickness and health and I intended to do just that.  So she stayed at home.  I was lucky to have a house keeper who I looked to as family and who had been working for us some 47 years and my grand daughter who is very special to me to make June's quality of life the best it could ever be.  She was total bed care, incontenent, could not feed herself, walk or control any body functions.  It wasn't long after this that she lost her ability to talk and thing were moving down hill fast and I knew that it was important for me to be as close to her as I could so I closed down my office and moved it into my home which has worked well since I can interview my patients in a beutiful conference room at my son's office.  He has been so helpful in making space for me in his beautiful office.  My son took the nutrition section and spun if off when I sold my consultant firm in 2000.  He has been extremely successful in consulting and providing web-base soft wear to nursing homes in all 50 states and Canada under Suspreme & Optima Care.  After this was all set up I was spending about 2 hours a night following up on voicemails for 3 different phone lines.  So I made some changes in the phone services in that I would stop all phones here in my house, my office and my cell and get a new cell number and one FAX number that would make it easier for the patient to reach me without so many voice mails and time waiting.  This has worked well even though the phone companies didn't follow through with phone transport to my new number but now the changes are in place and things are working out well for me and my patients.

June passed a way on the 14th of June and this trauma has taken some time to learn not to miss your sidekick for 52 years.  I am slowly getting over this grief with the help of my family and especially my grand daughter, Elizabeth, who lives with me.

So that is the story and things to do:

NEW and ONLY Phone Number   404-416-4159 call anytime 24/7 when you need me

NEW FAX Number     678-692-8660

Mailing Address :   322 South 6th Street, Griffin, GA 30224

Now you know it all.  If you need me I can be readily be reached and eager to help you make you drug therapy problems go away.  Please Give me a call.

Thanks so much for your confidience in me.

Armon B. Neel, Jr., Pharm.D., CGP, FASCP

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